Sir Kishen Pershad Bahadur standing second from left.

Shri Martand Manik Prabhu Maharaj would often seclude himself for days, deeply engaged in his   saadhana    and   anushthaan. Shreeji would often sit in   pooja    for hours and most of the time it would go on until the late hours of night or even extend upto the early hours of morning. Once after a prolonged   pooja, Shreeji went to bed unaware about who was to visit later that day.

As morning turned into noon a motorcade ingressed through   nagarkhana. The Prime Minister of Hyderabad, Maharaja Sir Kishen Pershad Bahadur alighted from his car and went straight into Prabhu Mandir for   darshan. After the   darshan, the Prime Minister inquired with the   Muntazim  of the Samsthan Hanumantrao whether he could have Shreeji’s   darshan. The Muntazim    was now on the horns of dilemma. For neither he wanted to say ‘not possible’ nor did he want to disturb the deep slumber of Shreeji, as he knew that Shreeji had retired for rest only sometime back. He smartly muffled, “Sir, Shreeji is resting. If you so desire, I shall go and wake him up.”  The Prime Minister had no option but to reply, “No! No, do not disturb Shreeji. Once he gets up, please inform me. I shall be happy to wait.”

Late in the afternoon, the   Muntazim    went to the Prime Minister, at the Inspection Bungalow in Humnabad to invite him. Upon meeting Shreeji, Sir Kishen Pershad mesmerized by Shreeji’s divine charisma, spontaneously recited an Urdu couplet, which read: “hazaron faiz paye hain, ki lakhon sar jhukaye hain, hai koi karam mein aisa toh martand manik mera.”

After this, the Prime Minister remained an ardent devotee of Shreeji and visited Maniknagar frequently.