The prevailing pandemic has not thwarted but has hampered the calendar events of Samsthan. The events that have been known for the all the pomp are being held with an austere, that is so unknown.

The Vendanta Saptah Mahotsava concluded days before the national lockdown was announced. The next two events: Ramnavami and Hanuman Jayanti were held behind closed doors with not more than a dozen participating.

And after a few months, the month long Shravan  commenced, though the first few days saw the devotees coming to the temple albeit in thin numbers, but soon that too stopped as the Covid-19 cases spiked in the region. The doors of the temple were closed for the public and Nagarkhaana was barricaded.

The morning Mahapooja which is followed by the Sakaldevta Darshan, i.e. a visit to almost all the temples in Maniknagar, was discontinued. Plus, the Satvar Bhajan during the evening Pradosh Pooja, which was attended by many is now performed by a handful of staff.

While, the archaks in Prabhu Mandir and the students of Veda Pathshala are seen wearing a silk-cloth turned mask. When asked how it felt while chanting mantras, one said, “It is not comfortable. But we have to adjust. ” Another added, “It is the first time that we are wearing masks in a sanctum-sanctorum, it feels a bit awkward.”

Surprisingly the Monsoon this year seems to be healthier. The timely showers have made the weather pleasant to the extent that the veterans have recalled their days of yore, by saying, “Maniknagar used to be like this in our childhood.”

Whereas, in these tough times, the devotees from their homes, watch live videos, react to the social media posts and send messages wanting to visit Maniknagar at the earliest.

There is an air of uncertainty, of doubt about how the upcoming events will unfold, we hope soon that will fade, as HE only and only HE will act sooner than later to bring back the lost sheen of events and the smile on everyone’s face.