Maniknagar – The Abode of Supreme Bliss

I undertook a pilgrimage in 2016. After my visits to Kurvapur and Gangapur, a divine call came. I had no knowledge about this great saint or his beautiful abode. Thanks to the internet and websites, I was on my way to Shri Sadguru Manik Prabhu Maharaj’s Maniknagar.

Upon visiting the Samsthan and paying respects to Shri Prabhu’s Sanjeevani Mahasamadhi, I had no words to express my feelings. I was stunned.  At the same time, I felt ignorant for I had no idea of this holy place.

Though I got to know about it late but the vibes of the place made me feel that I was not new. The visit churned a good amount of my spiritual knowledge. Looking at Shri Prabhu’s portrait I couldn’t figure out what to call him. I used to wonder…is he a Guru, Avadhoot or a King? Then with his grace I came to understand that he is ‘Avadhoota Chakravarty’ the King of Spiritual World.

Maniknagar is the only Datta-peetha that practices the tradition of guru-parampara. The present peethadipati of the illustrious legacy is Shri Dnyanraj Manik Prabhu Maharaj, who is undoubtedly a master for those seeking spiritual guidance.

Shreeji’s study and knowledge about Advaita Philosophy is unparalleled. Not just that, the way he makes the toughest of topics look easy through his various lectures and pravachans is extraordinary. He is truly a living legend.

Yes, Shreeji breaks down complex subjects for us, but behind that is hours of patience, study and readings of scriptures, literature and books. When I attend or watch him speak, I think of a bee that collects nectar from right flowers and deposits it into a honeycomb. Remember, despite the tireless and selfless efforts, a bee never tastes honey, whereas it is the people [devotees and seekers] that do.

How fortunate the people of Maniknagar and surrounding areas would be who regularly visit Maniknagar and seek Shreeji’s blessings. I pray, Shri Prabhu’s message and Shreeji’s pravachans reach every corner of the world.

Note one thing, Maniknagar is that magnet which if attracts once will not leave you again. I feel blessed to have experienced that. I hope the place weaves magic on you too sooner than later.

My shastaang pranams to the holy lotus feet of Shri Prabhu.