Meet him Within and Greet him Outside

22nd May Sunday, was a memorable one in my life. Never before, did I ever had a wish being fulfilled, which was like a dream come true. Sanjay had mentioned about Shreeji’s auspicious arrival and stay in Thane in the week commencing from 17th or so. His invitation to meet him for Darshan was on my mind while I was busy in exhibition in Bangalore and eagerly waited for the day which was 22nd morning.

Datta Parampara, has been Ingrid in me as a family tradition, since my father and myself have been blessed with Diksha from Shri Shri Mama Deshpande of Pune who belonged to the Datta Sampradaya of Shri Shri Tembhe Swamy, Shri Gulvani Maharaj, of the Shaktipat Yog tradition.

In my young days, I had opportunity to visit Manik Nagar, Humanabad, and take Darshan of the Samadhi on our Yatra to Kurvapuram.

The link to Datta Maharaj was re-established with My Darshan of Shri Shri Dnyanraj Manikprabhu Maharaj. I was pleasantly surprised when Maharaj asked me to sit for Padya Pooja which was never planned and this came to me as a blessing. Prabhuji’s kind words of enquiry were caring.

In the evening, the topic of discourse, was a rhetoric question “Mala Dev Bhetel Ka? ” Interestingly Prabhuji gave an insight to the question in two dimensions:

  1. one with a Doubt of its existence
  2. second with a deep intent and desire to find one

Prabhuji’s witty yet deep meaningful words of wisdom took the discourse well over 2 hours and yet it left the audience longing for more of the nectar to flow for the them to savour.

The desire to Know God,  Allaha, Dev , whatever one may perceive is deeply ingrained in us and has intrigued human mind for time immemorial. Typically, we hardly ever acknowledge the existence of the higher being until we are ushered into certain difficulties, hardships, Pain, Agony, Loss of Dear and Near.

Our state of Mind for Craving or Aversion, Likes & Dislikes is a constant flux in which we live our life and try to find Solace , Happiness, in material world , without the knowledge of our own true existence and  its real purpose. The mundane achievement of material world is assumed to be the measure of our success.

The state of our Mind  which is always in Rag and Dwesh is seldom seen as a Root Cause of all our sufferings.  The human desire to pursue eternal happiness which HE  mistakenly tries to find in Material World only keeps pushing HIM to setting new Goals and  newer Pursuits leading to a never ending loop of Raag &  Dwesha, My Likes and  My Dislikes and therefore asking oneself  with The two dimensions of the question  ” Mala Dev Bhetel Ka?” only when in trouble,  seeking help to ask for More & More or to Blame for one’s suffering.

Prabhu ji’s simplicity of Anecdotes, Similes, and Stories to explain a profound understanding of Veda or such works of Shri Shankaracharya in a short span of two hours was beyond expectations, perhaps limited to many for its absorption & assimilation. His example of Theatre Screen on which A movie is displayed was apt to understand the concept of ” Punarapi Jananam – Punarapi Maranam”

To conclude, the take away was simply a feeling of one’s inner self being drenched into a unusual showering of Care,. Love and deep affection of Prabhuji. He seemingly very eager to  guide us to meet the God Within Us and to See it around us.

The question of “Mala Dev Bhetel Ka” was answered in a way by : Introducing GOD concept to us with a Choice for us to MEET HIM. within & GREET HIM outside.